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Art is exercise. The more you create, the more you refine your craft and expand your abilities. In a pressurized, deadline-driven, commercial setting, perseverance, teamwork, ideas and fearless communication of the those ideas drives the process. With a collective vision and solid business practices, concepts take shape and transform into amazing solutions. Identity is established, then shared with a world audience in the blink of an eye.


I'm fortunate to have an endless stream of ideas at any given moment. The real challenge is how to bring those ideas to life and to create a stream of contemporary, intuitive solutions. New business, in search of identity, will be challenged to identify their strengths and weaknesses by engaging in a clear plan to achieve realistic goals.
Ultimately, the client wants everyone to believe in their vision. And that's my goal too!


You will notice, especially in the credits for posted videos and promotional art, the name Beyond-ink, which is used as my freelance business moniker. You will also see Oscar Pop receiving videography credits, as I use my stage name for most anything associated with the local music scene here in Denver, and promotions for any band/drumming/promotional events I'm a part of. The best I can explain it is to quote Iggy Pop: "I still have the 6 year old kid inside me, it's just that now, I have to manage him."      ~ Thank you for your kind indulgence ~


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