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Live Video - Videography

I entered into the world of Graphic/Digital Design when I was first introduced to Apple computers in art school where I was studying design at Academy of Art in San Francisco. I saw the tremendous potential of digital design. No doubt, computer tech became the Swiss Army Knife of graphic design and I was along for the ride as it changed everything in the industry. The implications of digital platforms for design, motion and the printing industry were huge and immediately evident. I simply immerse myself in new software, just like I did decades ago with Photoshop when my mind expanded with layers & transparency.While learning iMovie and the natural progression to Final Cut Pro, I spent a lot of time getting footage while smashing around in the mosh pit. In the end, it was all worth it as I collected a million amazing moments and the lifeblood of some great bands on the journey. I admit I lost a few cameras and a bit of sanity dodging the stage divers to catch the action. At the time, the idea that I would be shooting and editing videos on my phone was beyond comprehension. Today the challenge is to keep up with technology and advanced software. Contemporary designers take advantage of an ever-evolving industry creating the tools that make it possible to go international from your desktop, in minutes.

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