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Wilkerson Product Catalog

Project Designer, Art Director, Photoshop Artist

Wilkerson Operation Sign

Corporate Signage for Parker-Hannifan

MetLife PPA Comp

MetLife In-house Collateral

MetLife Financial

Design, Production for MetLife/Shultz Group

Wilkerson MSD Brochure

Art Direction, Photoshop Rendering

Hypnomorphosis Business Card

Small Business Collateral Design, Layout, Production

Topsi Enterprises Web page

Small Business Web Design, Production

Planet Drum by Mickey Hart

Studio Coordinator Layout

Toddy Ivy - Some Cuts Cover

Production, Layout

Boombox Design

Design Rendering

I'm A Boy CD Art

Design, Production

Eyak Preservation Council


Cold Fury Home page comp

Small Business Web Design

AIM Magazine Covers

Archery Industry Magazine Publication Coordinator Design/Layout

David Rioux Sample page

Small Business Web Design

Our Color Universe

Powerpoint Presentation

Our Color Universe

Powerpoint presentation

Our Colorful Universe

Universal Color Wheel Powerpoint Presentation

Cluck Chicken Logo

Small Business Design Rendering

Bunk Onion Cover Art

Album Art

Bunk Onion Inner sleeve

Album Art

I'm A Boy - Sensation

Album Art

I'm A Boy - Inside Cover

Album Art

Antenna 10 Cover Art

Album Art

Absolutely Gold

Small Business Web Design


Highhorse Studio Recording and Gear Gurus


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